Reasons saunas are good for you

You probably never thought a sauna should help make your life a little bit more safer and secured, but it’s possible. Saunas help reduce the risk of having a stroke. It’s proven that people who use the sauna four to seven times a week had a 60 percent to less likely to have a stroke compared to people who go only once a week. The results still were true for people that had other health and lifestyle factors that could influence the stroke risk, such as smoking, high cholesterol, and diabetes. The test and researchers came to conclusion that people who go four to seven times a week which only had a 2.8 strokes per 1,000 people, compared to people who only went once a week which caused 8.2 strokes per 1,000 people. They think it happens because the sauna drops blood pressure. They also believe it improves vascular health and reduce inflammation, stress and circulates blood cholesterol. Studies show that using a sauna makes a healthier heart and longer life, and that it only takes a 30 minute session in the sauna is just enough to lower blood pressure. I know the saunas are really popular to people who work out a lot, kinda a bit of a reward for working out so great. Saunas are most common in Finland. So common that most people living there have saunas in their house. The researchers spent 15 years, tracking and surviving 1,628 adults that had saunas in there house. They split the people into groups based off how many times per week they use it. The groups were people use it once a week, people who use them two to three times a week, and then people who use it four to seven times a week.

Saunas are much like exercising. Saunas increase heart rate and boosts sweat levels like if you were exercising, but it’s all done by a steamy room. In some gyms they have them in the locker rooms for after work outs. Plus I’ve mentioned that it lowers blood pressure. A great addition is the heat from the sauna helps relax muscles after a long day at the gym. Saunas can also reduce stress since it’s relaxing mentally and physically.

How it works
By increasing your body temperature by 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit this can make blood vessels dilate or widen, decreasing pressure and helping blood flow easier. Sweating also removes fluid from the body, which could contribute to reducing blood pressure levels. 

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