Added Sugars in Food You Love

Things like soda and candy could make one kid leave the dentist with tears, If these bad unhealthy substances are being demolished without care to how much sugar is in them. We all know those have tons of sugar, but I bet you didn’t know blueberry muffins, yogurt, and fruit parfaits are all over the daily recommended sugar limit. Women should consume no more than 24 grams of added sugar per day according to The American Heart Association. Learning to decode the nutrition labels is how you know what’s good and what’s bad.

First at the top 6 major sugar added list is lemonade. Mainly because sugar is added to help sweeten the bitter lemon juice. Just because lemons are full of vitamin c, doesn’t mean lemonade is gonna be healthy. To much and you may find yourself gaining weight.

Second is the blueberry muffin of course. From the blueberries and added sugar, these blow the limit through the roof with 30 grams.

Third are the yogurt and fruit parfaits being completely surprising to me. Although unsweetened yogurt is generally smarter, you have to watch out at fast food restaurants because of extra sweeteners. Berries contain some natural sugar, but added sugar is likely a large portion of the 30 grams. Honey is a way better and healthier additive for sweetener.

Fourth on the list is one you wouldn’t think would have added sugar due to it not being sweet, but it’s tomato soup. Tomato soup is only high on sugar because it has high-fructose corn syrup as it’s second ingredient. One can contains 30 grams of sugar, so just as much as a blueberry muffin.

Fifth and coming close to the last is cereal. Obviously sugar coated cereals are going to be high in sugar, but it’s not only those. Most people when pouring a bowl of cereal they don’t go by exact measurements of proportions, which is why most bowls of cereal could contain anywhere from 16 to 32 grams of sugars.

Sixth, last but not least, margaritas. These slushy cocktails sure do know how to put away the sugars containing roughly 40 grams per every margarita. A great supplement would be red wine coming in with only one gram per six ounces. So before you have your next tasty snack or cold margarita, think of all the sugars added into it and how they could effect you. 

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